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    This event explores the impact that COP26 and its associated themes will have on the decision-making of trustees and executors.

    The world of private finance is changing. Sustainability is in the spotlight as consumer preferences change: a recent survey found that 70% of savers want their investments to consider the impact on people and planet alongside financial performance.[1]

    Upcoming changes to regulation are expected to impact the way in which discretionary managers and financial advisers work with clients. Taking clients’ sustainability preferences into account may become mandated in law.

    For the financial planning industry, precedents have been set and the direction of travel is clear – but how will these industry changes affect other professionals?

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    [1] COP26-Private-Finance-Hub-Strategy_Nov-2020v4.1.pdf (

    The objective for the private finance work for COP26 is simple: ensure that every professional financial decision takes climate change into account. – COP26, 2021

    Who this is for

    For a professional audience only



    Topics covered

    The energy transition: why change is needed now

    Current policies: where we stand and where we need to get to

    COP26 and its impact on private finance and regulations


    About the speakers

    Alex Monk

    Schroders | Portfolio Manager, Global Resource Equities

    Alex is a Portfolio Manager at Schroders working on the Global Resource Equities Team. He is principally responsible for working on the Schroder Global Energy Transition Fund and other sustainable resource equity strategies.

    Mike Myers

    Punter Southall Wealth | Head of Socially Responsible Investing

    Mike specialises in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and heads up Punter Southall Wealth's SRI Service. He holds the CFA ESG Certificate and was named in Citywire’s Top 30 under 30 Wealth Managers in 2019.

    The event is hosted by our Head of Business Development, Simon Kay, and Adam Jordan, Wealth Planner.
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