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We have evolved over four decades by taking a fresh approach to serving our clients in core and connected markets. Today, this means we have distilled our expertise into 21st century solutions for workplace and defined benefit pensions, retirement guidance and advice, legal services and specialist historic loss analysis.

Retirement services

Like everything else, how we retire is changing. We’ve put everything we know into helping everyone make clearer, informed decisions. Free to you and free to employers for their staff.


Our heritage ensures we continue to work with trustees overseeing both defined benefit and workplace pension schemes, as well as self-invested and self-administered schemes.

Analytical services

We work with lawyers and their clients, providing data-driven solutions to support the quantification of damages in multi-party actions.

Financial planning

We’ve helped thousands of clients manage their money over the years, achieved Chartered status by going above and beyond and have now deepened and strengthened the scope of what we offer.

Legal services

We established our expanding legal subsidiary, Punter Southall Law, to give you access to highly experienced business lawyers and consultants across a range of defined areas.

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