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Jonathan Punter and Stuart Southall founded the company to advise pension schemes in 1988 because they saw how a fresh approach would benefit clients.

Ever since, we have grown by changing and adapting to meet their ever-evolving needs.

We’ve done so by always exploring options, discovering new opportunities and finding the right way forward on their behalf. In turn, we have successfully expanded revenue and increased profits.

Our ability to adapt to the constantly shifting financial services market has always been key to creating new solutions to meet challenges both familiar and emerging.

What started as an actuarial consultancy is now (through organic growth, acquisition, merger, joint venture, trade sale and flotation) a dynamic financial services group.

We operate companies focused on areas as varied as Chartered financial planning, employee benefits and trustee consultancy, as well as data analytics and new ventures in defined benefit pension management, legal and insurance sectors.

Much of our transformation is down to the strategic vision of our leadership team.

Aside from the businesses we directly control, we also own significant holdings in XPS, formed by the merger with our actuarial consultancy in 2018; River and Mercantile, which merged with our institutional investment consultancy, P-Solve, before being floated in 2014; together with stakes in Craven Street Capital and Lexikin. In 2023, Punter Southall Governance Services merged with 20-20 Trustees to form Vidett, the UK’s largest independent trustee business by number of clients in which we continue to hold a substantial interest.

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“Finding new ways to help clients is the main reason we continue to thrive after 30 years. Evolving these services further still continues to take Punter Southall forward.”

Jonathan Punter, CEO, Punter Southall

Today's direction

We have harnessed our heritage of creative expertise and informed insight to build a diverse group of businesses across the financial services spectrum.

Punter Southall’s range of specialist advisory services embraces everything from financial planning and wealth management to employee benefits and independent trustee consultancy as well as fresh ventures in insurance and law.

We are employee-owned and independent.

We listen to clients and draw on our actuarial background, collaborative culture and active portfolio of services to meet their needs.

Punter Southall people are informed, innovative and adaptable.

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Our board

Our board members have a reputation for innovative financial planning solutions. They champion high standards of client care and use their expert knowledge to improve the prospects of our clients.

Many of them have set up and run their own businesses, or have been instrumental in the growth and development of other businesses. They bring a deep level of understanding and pragmatism to our work.

Jonathan Punter

Punter Southall | Chairman

Prior to forming Punter Southall with Stuart Southall in 1988, Jonathan began his career with Duncan C Fraser and Co in 1978, where he became a Partner within seven years. He has 40 years’ experience in the actuarial profession and particular expertise in UK pensions, investment strategy, pensions in mergers, buy-outs and due diligence deals. A director of several investment companies in London and Dublin, he is also a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Kenneth McKelvey

Punter Southall | Group Managing Director

Kenneth joined Punter Southall in 1993 with a focus on widening the range of our activities. He remains responsible for the strategic development of Punter Southall Group and is a Director of its principal operating subsidiaries. Previously, he worked in a large UK pensions consultancy firm before taking an MBA at INSEAD Business School. He then worked in financial management and corporate strategy consultancy in Geneva, London and Paris. Kenneth graduated from City University with a degree in Actuarial Science and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

Stuart Southall

Punter Southall | Non-Executive

Stuart Southall co-founded Punter Southall with Jonathan Punter in 1988. Having practiced as an Actuary for almost 40 years he now chairs Punter Southall Governance Services, the Group’s independent trustee business. Stuart is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and served as chairman of the Association of Consulting Actuaries 2010-12.

Angus Samuels

Punter Southall | Non-Executive

Angus has over 30 years experience in the investment industry, in both the UK and South Africa. Starting his working life as a Stockbroker in Johannesburg, he emigrated to the UK in 1986 and has held a number of senior roles including Chief Executive posts at Sanwa Asset Management, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Sanlam Investment Management. He also serves as a non-executive director of Sanlam UK and Sanlam Life and Pensions.

Mandy Donald

Punter Southall | Non-Executive

With board experience in both complex organisations and early stage environments, Mandy brings a background of strategic planning and operational management to the Group. A chartered accountant by training, she spent 18 years with Ernst and Young before steering her focus towards the growth of new companies, serving on the boards of a diverse range of start-up businesses. Mandy is a Trustee of The Institute of Cancer Research, where she is also Chair of the Audit Committee. Mandy holds a Financial Times Non-Executive Diploma with a focus in corporate governance.

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