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Jonathan Punter
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21st Century Perrin: what Reggie tells us about how far we’ve come

Jonathan Punter • 21 May 2019

In spite of unceasing cookery programmes all featuring hand-made ravioli, for those of us of a certain vintage, there…

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Consolidation cuts both ways

Jonathan Punter • 18 February 2019

Like many other companies in our field, we gave our two penn’orth when invited by the government to…

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Calculating compensation correctly: uncovering the real cost of being overcharged

Jonathan Punter • 16 November 2018

Probably the UK’s biggest mis-selling case of all time – PPI – draws to a close next August. Those who…

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Ten thoughts on ten years since the credit crunch

Jonathan Punter • 26 October 2018

My first thought is that, of all the names it was given, “credit crunch” really does not convey the magnitude…

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Brexit: distracting us from Britain’s pension challenge

Jonathan Punter • 27 September 2018

Mervyn King was in the news recently, criticising the progress Britain was making towards Brexit. The former governor of The…

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Still waters hide turbulent times

Jonathan Punter • 04 November 2017

Time spent on a narrow boat slipping along Britain’s restored canals is to experience a pace of life from a…

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