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Punter Southall’s evolution has been, in part, driven by marrying know-how to technological advances across the spectrum of financial services.

Actuarial consulting, pension consolidating and insurance disrupting businesses have all been developed with this approach in mind.

Punter Southall Analytics is a further expression of this interaction.


How we help

We use Punter Southall’s accumulated subject matter expertise in financial services to help corporate and trustee clients recover historical losses through mediation or formal litigation.


What we do


Calculating damages is rarely anything but long and arduous, even with the benefits of technology.

We manage the process for you. Typically, it requires collecting large volumes of relevant data in multiple formats, often dispersed throughout your organisation and supplier base.

We streamline it further to reduce your overall disbursement costs, whilst producing evidence that can be used to support your claim from filing through to court proceedings.

And we will guide you through the relevant stages. From preliminary estimates to provisional calculations based on data you have readily available, to full quantification analysis and reporting including chosen counterfactuals and interest assumptions.

To make it even more efficient, we have developed a bespoke application to coordinate all relevant sources, manage your contacts with us and document the process in preparation for disclosure.

By virtue of our role as quantification analysts, our focus is clear. We will measure what the product or service in question cost you and, with the guidance of your appointed experts, evaluate how much you have overpaid.

Our work

Financial evidence
CFOs, FD's
Pension trustees
In-house legal, law firms, litigation funding

Why Punter Southall Analytics?


We use ‘regulated-grade’ IT infrastructure to support secure data acquisition and safe-keeping.

Programming capability

We automate the extraction, transformation and analysis of data, saving time and money.


We have the flexibility to forego upfront payment in return for a contingent fee arrangement.


We are connected to executives and partners at corporates, law firms and litigation funders at the most senior level.

Punter southall analytics

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Current vacancies

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About Punter Southall

The Punter Southall group of companies and services has developed alongside the needs of our clients, the changing regulatory landscape and also the wider trends we see across society. When we identify opportunities to add value, we work with our clients to develop services that will deliver their goals.

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