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Numbers for lawyers

In any multi-party legal action, collecting and keeping track of consistent, reliable and proportionate data for tens, hundreds or thousands of individual participants can be a challenge for the legal team.

These kinds of cases can also result in complex nuances at the calculation of damages stage that often can't be dealt with at an aggregated level.

We provide data-driven solutions that support lawyers to recover historic losses on behalf of consumers and businesses across different industries; collecting, transforming and evaluating large volumes of data to quantify overcharge.

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  • Ensuring changes are made
Data compliance for data confidence

The potential for personal information getting into the wrong hands has never been higher, which is why data compliance has never been more important. If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, unlawful cookie tracking or similar issue, we’ll do the digging to make sure those responsible have made the appropriate updates.

We know that when data isn’t handled properly by companies it can lead to serious cybercrimes like identity theft and financial fraud. So we bring together IT specialists and regulatory oversight experts to make sure it is.

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Punter Southall people

Meet the team

David is the Managing Director of Punter Southall Analytics, co-founding the business in 2016 after several decades of consulting experience in and around the world of financial services. David leads a team of data scientists and investigative researchers focused on identifying corporate malfeasance and quantifying the losses suffered by companies, pension schemes and groups of private individuals. Alongside his specific responsibilities at Analytics, David chairs the Heads of Business forum and is a keen promoter of interdivisional initiatives at Punter Southall.

Outside of work, David can be found at his local rugby club (rarely on the actual pitch), on his bike (which never seems to have enough gears for the hills around Warwickshire) or playing bass guitar in an old fashioned (live alternative to a juke box) ‘wedding band’.

Read David's latest blogs here.

David Rankin

Managing Director

Sunil has over 35 years’ experience of financial services having consulted in all parts of the UK and overseas asset management markets. He is an Ambassador for The Transparency Task Force in London and a Secretariat Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Personal Banking and Fairer Financial Services and regularly responds to regulatory and other consultations.

Sunil is passionate about seeking fairer outcomes for the retail investor and for members of pension funds and regularly blogs on the subject.
Sunil Chadda

Project Director

Charlotte is a Project Manager at Punter Southall Analytics who joined the company in 2022 after completing her degree in English Literature at the University of Bristol. Alongside project planning, she supports the Analytics team with investigative research, collecting information and data to help identify and quantify losses that arise as a result of corporate misconduct.

In her free time Charlotte can be found reading, watching the F1, playing piano or on long walks. She loves to travel and hopes one day to have been able to visit all seven continents.

Charlotte Timmons

Project Manager

Maria is the Operations Director of Punter Southall Analytics, co-founding the business in 2016 after 20 years of international experience in strategic marketing , business consulting and analytics.  Maria leads the day to day operations, managing the team in collecting large amounts of unstructured data that we use to quantify the losses from bad corporate behaviour suffered by companies and individuals. 

Maria likes to spend her leisure time traveling, keeping fit and cooking.
Maria Gutierrez

Operations Director

Kiru started as a Data Analyst at Punter Southall Analytics in January 2022, after achieving a Masters in Statistics with Data Analytics from Brunel University London. As a Data Analyst, his main jobs involve processing the data and performing various analytics to help quantify losses in the projects that the PSA team are involved in. 

Kiru is very proficient in R, Excel, Python and Tableau, and is always open to learning more new skills. 

In his free time, Kiru likes working on cars as well as doing the odd DIY around his house
Kiru Chandrakumar

Data Analyst

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