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25 October 2022
Author: Punter Southall

Punter Southall number three in FT Adviser’s Top 100 firms

Chartered financial planning status boosts position  

Punter Southall has been ranked number three in the UK in FT Adviser’s Top 100 Financial Advisers for 2022.

Achieving Chartered status for its financial planning arm was judged to be a significant factor in placing third with 17 of the top 20 companies accredited in this way. 

Other factors taken into account were how long teams had managed assets, the rate at which companies had grown and their experience operating in different economic and interest-rate environments.

Punter Southall’s financial planning business numbers among only 14 per cent of firms to be granted Chartered status, a qualification earned by going above and beyond for clients.

Financial Planning Managing Director Bryan Parkinson said the top three position exemplified the skills, hard work and dedicated focus of his teams.

He said: “We’re extremely proud that the efforts of our professionals on behalf of their clients have been recognised in this way.

“To be, in the words of the survey, ‘among the small group our metrics rank as the best of the best’ recognises the quality of the service we deliver. Thank you to all my colleagues across the UK for continuing to do so.”

The FT Adviser Top 100 is compiled using data provided by Financial Clarity, an arm of ISS Market Intelligence, with only the top 20 ranked. The remaining 80 companies are then listed by alphabetical order.

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