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    Punter Southall launches new website

    31 August 2021

    Jonathan Punter

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    1 minute read

    Our new website is now up and running.
    Onward, online and upward: why a website helps everyone

    Allow me, if I may, to make a direct plug for Punter Southall.

    Our new website is now up and running.

    Cleaner, simpler and easier to read, it certainly looks the part.

    Cleverly, it also helps our clients to find out more about our services and how they can be shaped to their individual needs.

    Our collection of companies operates in diverse markets. Our investment and financial management businesses run side by side with ventures in law, a unique proposition for defined benefit pension schemes, a professional trustee company and a fresh approach in analytics next to investment performance assessment. Not forgetting an insurance start-up.

    The thread that draws them together is not only the Punter Southall brand, but a constant application to identifying room for improvement.

    So this latest website is in line with this approach because, as ever, technology has always been a factor in our evolution.

    The shift from wardrobe-sized mainframe computers to desktop PC’s played a big part in our formation and we’ve always plotted a path based on where know-how crosses over with digital advances.

    Of course we want our online presence to be attractive, accessible and up-to-date but we also designed it to enable clients to navigate more easily to the solutions they seek out.

    In a world where information overload is more likely than a lack of data, we’ve also strived to give you the context and detail you need. Of course, there’s a wealth of further reading, insights, (ahem) blogs and resources to help your objective or, perhaps, just to satisfy your curiosity.

    For those of us in practice in the ‘80s, to be told that our products, consultancy, guidance and advice would be available from a pocket-sized computer in future, would have raised an eyebrow or two.

    Clearly, there are always going to be some areas – especially in our world - where it will be difficult for an algorithm to trump a meaningful discussion but the fact that you can find out so much with a screen tap or mouse-click must be an improvement for everyone.

    It’s only going to continue. And so are we because, as this latest iteration shows, we’re keen on how online innovation marries with the experience and guidance our teams have to offer.

    Do take the time to explore the site. We’d be interested to hear your feedback.

    As ever, technology has always been a factor in our evolution.


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