Tax planning

In life and in death

It’s a thread that runs through our adult lives and doesn’t go away when we die. Don’t get stitched up to pay more than you should.

Our teams can guide you to make sure you’re on top of tax in all its forms.

Taxing issues

Mark Twain memorably coined the aphorism that “death and taxes” were life’s only certainties but even his moustache might have twitched at the extent to which tax is a touchpoint in our existence. From income and capital gains to inheritance and corporation, it is with us in many forms. How we deal with it is critical to not paying more than we should. And not many of us know how to do this without help.

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Inheritance Tax

Do you know how much you can leave to your loved ones without paying tax? While you may know the answer is £325,000, knowing what to do if your estate is worth more than that might be trickier to get right. In the end, most of us want to leave as much as possible to our loved ones when we’re gone.


Pensions and taxes

It’s fair to say that there’s a measure of surprise from some people who start drawing on their pension only to find they can be taxed on what they saved while being shielded from its impact. If so, how do you go about making sure you only pay the right amount? How do you know how much you can spend before you end up with a bigger bill than you thought? We work with clients every day to make sure they make informed decisions.

How we do it

What we can achieve together

Grow, protect and pass on your wealth

We help you to build wealth and safeguard it from the effects of inflation and tax.

And, when you decide that the time is right to share your wealth, we’ll help you pass it on to those you love and organisations you care for.

What is Inheritance Tax?

Looking for a full guide to how Inheritance Tax works and who it will affect?

We've put together a comprehensive resource to help you understand how your estate may be affected, so you can start to make a plan with your adviser.

The value of advice

We recognise that the financial world is complicated and our aim is always to work closely with our clients to enable you to achieve your financial objectives.

Download our guide to the value of financial advice to find out how we help.

Personal tax: change in the near-term?

Read our blog to find out what we believe is on the horizon for personal taxes in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and what this means for you

Pension tax relief in two minutes

Struggling to get to grips with the complexities of pension taxation?

Our quick 2-minute guide has been created to help

The complete guide to tax mitigation

Are you paying more tax than you really should be?

Keep more wealth within the family with our guide to tax-efficient planning

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