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Even though most workplace pensions have shifted responsibility away from employers, you still have a significant role to play. Not only in relation to legal and regulatory requirements but also administration and, vitally, communication.

These go hand in hand with the reality that there is no “one size fits all” pension. Your workforce is as unique as your company. Giving them the chance of a retirement worth having is the mark of a responsible employer.

Employers. No one-size-fits-all

It's crucial for any pension scheme to be designed with the needs of the employer and members in mind. 

How we help

We believe it is vital to implement, review and maintain a pension that helps you meet your company’s commercial and HR strategy.

In our experience, most organisations seek to comply with regulation, keep a close eye on cost and also see their pension as a recruiting and retention tool. We can bring what might seem distant concepts to life for you.

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What we do

We have spent decades advising employers – and trustee boards - on the many challenges they face in a challenging pension landscape.

Underpinning everything is how we bring together everyone involved, reporting on progress made, risks avoided and opportunities taken in service of the scheme’s objective: to give members a worthwhile retirement.

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How we do it

What we can achieve together

Employee benefits:
the complete guide

As a business, you already do more than simply pay your people for their work. For most, that means pensions – a benefit valued by employees.

But the modern workplace has been transformed by what you can now offer staff not only to recruit and retain but to motivate and energise them.

Read our complete guide to why employee benefits matter, and how best to communicate them.

Independent schools' pensions - how we can help

Ongoing disruption and uncertainty, together with growing costs, adds up to testing times for schools.

One of the key issues many independent schools face, especially those run on a charity or trust basis, is the increasing cost of providing teachers with membership of a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme.

We have nationwide experience in supporting independent schools with reviewing their pension arrangements.

Aspire to Retire: talking pensions

Aspire to Retire is our employee education service.  It's here to help your employees visualise their future and make it happen.

Find out more about how it works by clicking here.

Pension scheme governance

For today’s pensions, a sound governance structure can mitigate risks, avoid costly litigation and enhance efficiencies.

And perhaps most importantly, it can also help towards good outcomes for employers and employees alike by bringing clarity and simplicity to a topic many find complicated. 

Workplace financial wellbeing

Read our guide to find out how to take a fair, inclusive, safe and supportive approach to your employees' financial wellbeing


Investment research

How do you know how well your scheme's default investment strategy is performing?

Is it providing good value for money, and meeting the objectives set for it?  Does it meet members' requirements?

We have a number of ways to help you understand if the current default investment option is suitable for the needs and requirements of your workforce.

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Trustee services

The duties of pension trustees often span both defined benefit and workplace pension schemes because their input and experience can help to improve outcomes for members.

We advise trust-based schemes across the spectrum of responsibility on how they can help shape a better retirement for their members.

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