What is health and protection?

Most of us know it as insurance of various forms but, increasingly, companies are investing more in helping employees to maintain or improve their fitness with discounted gym membership or Cycle to Work schemes. It has evolved to align more closely with how people want to work and live.

Healthier, protected employees means a happier business

Health and protection policies and products are a key component of employee benefits. Using our Aspire Benefits Manager platform, we can source and tailor what works for your workforce. Companies who invest in this area can see the link fostering better recruitment, improved retention and more energised, motivated staff.

Health and protection in practice

We’ve developed our digital benefits platform to give you greater control over what you want to make available to your employees. Not only can you recommend choices but they can also build their own portfolio of benefits at no extra cost to you.

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Health and protection in person

We still firmly believe in advice in an online world and would love to talk to you about how we see health and protection working for you. From our view on what’s necessary, what’s new and what’s worth watching, we’re happy to talk it through.

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How we do it

What we can achieve together

Digital benefits platforms

The world is changing, and so is the workforce. As the working population gets younger, employees expect access to their information and data on their own terms.

A digital benefits platform helps your business evolve with these challenges and provides an engaging way for you and your employees to manage your full range of benefits.

The complete guide to employee benefits

As a business, you already do more than simply pay your people for their work. For most, that means pensions – a benefit valued by employees.

But the modern workplace has been transformed by what you can now offer staff not only to recruit and retain but to motivate and energise them.

Take a look at our complete guide to why employee benefits matter, and how best to communicate them.

Protecting yourself and your people

If you’re looking to recruit the best and the brightest, how can your company stand out?

As ways of saving have bloomed, companies have remained competitive by offering benefits that engage and motivate their colleagues.

Those that thrive make sure the benefits they make available match the expectations and aspirations of their people.

Blog: Anything but the classical approach to employee benefits

David Taylor explains how our boutique approach and tailored service generate the best results for our clients 

Case study: restructuring PMI and introducing a health cash plan

Read our case study to find out how we helped one client manage a sickness absence issue and improve recruitment.

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