Employee benefits

What are employee benefits?

We work with hundreds of businesses to design benefits fit for the 21st century. From pensions and medical insurance to cycle schemes and fitness, you can rely on our expert support.

What benefit is it to you?

You already do more than simply pay your employees but do you know the benefit to your company? The right package can be a powerful tool to drive recruitment and to keep the right people with you for the long-term. Attractive, cost-effective benefits are an investment in the future of your business.

Our part in your employee benefits

We help you craft the right benefits package. We use our experience, negotiation and consulting skills to build the best fit for your business, making sure the quality of what’s on offer mirrors your values and reflects your brand.


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How we help your company to benefit

Ultimately, what you offer your workforce is a direct link to the kind of business you aspire to be.  What are employee benefits? They're so much more than a footnote in an interview or a line item to one side of your key commercial objectives. Properly designed, they can energise your people and boost your bottom line.

How we do it

What we can achieve together

One-stop online benefit shop

The world is changing, and so is the workforce. Employees expect access to their information and data on their own terms.

Our digital benefits platform helps your business evolve with these challenges and provides an engaging way for you and your employees to manage your full range of benefits.

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Aspire to Retire: talking pensions

Aspire to Retire is here to help your employees visualise their future, and make it happen.

It's a range of retirement services designed to support people aged 50 right through to their intended retirement date.

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Employee benefits research

In 2020 we surveyed three hundred employers on how they were faring during the pandemic, and their views on what it would mean for the future of their employee benefits offering.

Alan Morahan's blog sets out what we discovered.

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How your benefits package fits together

What are employee benefits?

The pensions you offer your employees are a major part of your benefits package, but not the only aspect.

We take a consultative approach to helping our clients find the right mix of benefits for their employees.
We provide a range of advice and solutions, including protection and health brokerage solutions, life and disability claims management, and health care provider performance measurement.

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