"The shape of the group is very much driven by our clients’ needs. As they inevitably change in the future, we will predict those needs and, where necessary, change the nature of the services we provide."

Stuart Southall
Co-Founder and Principal, Punter Southall


The Punter Southall group of companies

Our range of companies and services has developed alongside the needs of our clients, the changing regulatory landscape and also the wider trends we see across society. When we identify opportunities to add value, we work with our clients to develop services that will deliver their goals.


We not only consult with businesses to help them build their employee benefits and deliver their health and protection needs. As a Chartered financial planning firm, our teams across the UK also work closely with private clients to map out their financial future, designing and managing individual, tailored solutions.

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Punter Southall Governance Services is a leading independent pension trustee company and professional pension scheme secretarial services business. We act for many pension schemes, from the very small to the very large, including defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension schemes that are open or closed to new members, closed to future benefit accrual, winding up or merging. PSGS works with both trust-based pension schemes and contract based workplace pensions.

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Punter Southall Analytics delivers financial evidence. We process data at scale: quickly, accurately and efficiently, making smart use of technology. We combine our analytical capabilities with the subject matter expertise accumulated within Punter Southall to help corporates, trustees and consumers recover historical losses through mediation or formal litigation.

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Punter Southall Law deploy the experience, skill and intellectual capital of senior lawyers who have spent their careers at top London law firms. We are a 21st century legal resource, supported by a leading name in financial services, intelligently agile in how we work. Our legal strategies result in practical business solutions to corporate and commercial legal issues which companies and their owners face. We choose to take on only a select number of engagements for which we consider we are the right fit. We will gladly work alongside other law firms to support their offering to their clients. We are competitive on pricing. We set transparent budgets in accordance with a client’s expectations as to the scope of our engagement.

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CAMRADATA provides institutional investors, including pension funds, insurers and consultants, with data and analysis to research and report on their investments. They enable investors to conduct rigorous, evidence-based assessments of over 5,600 investment products offered by over 750 asset managers. CAMRADATA get things done, and they do them efficiently.

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Guardian is a brand with a long history of helping to protect families since 1821 and re-entered the market in 2018 with the intention to rethink continuously and reinvent protection for the better. Our ambition is for every family to have protection in which they truly believe. We'll do that by disrupting the market and delivering on the brand promise of ‘Life. Made better.’ Guardian policies are sold exclusively through financial advisers.

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Stoneport is a new consolidation solution for smaller defined benefit schemes who are looking to take effective action to dramatically reduce their costs, whilst materially enhancing the benefit security and outcomes for their members. Our purpose is to enhance long-term member benefit security and the experience of members, whilst dramatically reducing the costs and concerns of pension schemes for their employers.

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