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    Why life assurance is so important

    05 March 2021

    Bryan Parkinson

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    2 minute read

    This true story is why we do what we do

    Somewhere near you today, a family is grieving the loss of a loved one.

    The importance of life assurance

    Whether the death is sudden or a result of a long-term illness, the grief is unspeakable and comes with countless questions about the future.

    Recently, my colleague John shared with me the real-life story of a tragic event that happened to his brother.

    It perfectly illustrates why you have to plan for unforeseen events and ensure your loved ones are left in the best possible financial position, if the worst happens to you.

    Some years ago, John suddenly lost his brother in a car crash.

    In the weeks and months following his death, his brother’s partner carried a heavy weight on her shoulders.

    As a young couple, they didn’t have a lot of money to begin with. But John’s sister-in-law had to quickly figure out what she would do after losing her husband’s income, because she had just become a mum.

    With a baby to take care of, she had two lives to consider, not one – and had to make sure there was enough money coming in.

    You can imagine the toll this took on her.   

    What really broke my heart was that it could have been so different.

    At the time, John was working for a major life insurer, and when his brother became a dad they’d discussed getting him covered.

    In fact, John told me that a few weeks before the car crash, he had given his brother forms to fill out for life assurance…

    That’s right.

    John’s brother had intended to ensure his family was well-provided for if the worst happened to him or his wife…

    …But sadly, he never got round to it.

    This happened over three decades ago, and John tells me that things are now very different for his sister-in-law and the baby – a successful Oxford graduate and FinTech entrepreneur!

    Life assurance cover

    But those first few months following his brother’s death were incredibly distressing, filled with sleepless nights, and overwhelming confusion around many financial decisions.

    That’s why I’m writing this. I know no one likes to talk about this topic, but it’s a fact of life that we all pass away. Life assurance cover gives you peace-of-mind and not having it can cause undue stress and uncertainty.

    Protecting your loved ones

    Think about this seriously: what additional stress would your family have to live with should the unspeakable suddenly happen to you?

    Not having life assurance to protect your family leaves them needlessly worried about money and safety at the worst possible time.

    But the right cover can give both you and your family peace of mind and the certainty that come what may, their living expenses, any debt and long-term financial needs are all covered.

    John’s brother probably thought he had time to fill out his paperwork and secure his family’s future… but the truth is that we just don’t know what’s waiting for us around the corner.

    You can understand the different life protection options available to you by reading our helpful guide.

    And then get in touch and we’ll work to secure the right life assurance for you and any dependents, today. It’s what we do and why we are here…

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    Think about this seriously: what additional stress would your family have to live with should the unspeakable suddenly happen to you?

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