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Punter Southall began life as an expert in a rarefied market and we continue to forge new specialisms in front of audiences established and emerging.

What started as institutional actuarial consulting diversified as we shaped the group to extend its insight and reach into the familiar, such as independent trustees as the professionalisation of pensions continues, and what, on the face of it, might appear unconnected, such as our insurance venture.

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What all our divisions have in common is the organising principle of identifying how we can apply our experience and insight to offer a fresh approach in sectors which may have lacked innovation.

That’s why we continue to develop businesses which operate across multiple markets - and one of the reasons we tend to defy categorisation.

One area is a given, however. As pension scheme management becomes even more complex, Punter Southall Governance Services, our professional trustee services company – one of the largest in the UK market – is a straightforward response to meet growing demand for seasoned advice across every aspect of that particular landscape.

Punter Southall Pension Solutions stems from the same connection. It is also informed by our deep background in pensions, offering an imaginative yet pragmatic alternative for smaller schemes to manage their ultimate, long-term outcome in a way they were not able to access before.

Pensions and risk go hand in hand as do insurance and risk. Hence the formation of Guardian to disrupt traditional practice in this space. Its life and critical illness products are distributed through the independent financial advisory network, a sector with which we are familiar.

Our long-standing, and close working, relationships with City law firms formed the spark of the idea behind Punter Southall Law, which gives experienced lawyers greater latitude to offer their clients an even better service.

And Punter Southall Analytics draws on both its own and the considerable expertise within the group to pinpoint financial evidence relating to historical losses with which trustees, corporates and consumers need help.

These are among the latest ventures we have nurtured over a period of 30-plus years during which time, we, with all modesty, have carried out more transactions than any comparable mid-sized consultancy in our market.

In so doing, we have always looked to move forward, while relying on a blend of intuition and diligence in firming our response to what we see as successfully anticipating the multi-layered needs of our distinct client groupings.

And as times change, so will their many requirements. We will continue to strive to meet them.

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