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    Helping employees avoid pension-value destruction.

    Many employers run great pension schemes and spend a lot of money doing so - not just on the contributions they pay in but also on advice, communication and administration. And they’re happy to do so because they want their employees to have a decent income in retirement.

    However, the decisions that people have to take about their pension are many, varied and are often bewildering, which can lead to so called ‘pension-value destruction’. We see evidence of people making poor decisions such as:

    • accessing their pension pot earlier than they really need to
    • incurring unnecessary tax charges
    • making inefficient withdrawals, or
    • becoming victims of pension scams.

    Aspire to Retire has been designed to stop this happening. Watch our webinar to find out how to help your employees avoid pension-value destruction.

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    Who this is for

    HR teams

    Pension Managers

    Anyone responsible for their company's pension scheme and associated benefits

    Topics covered

    The decisions people have to make when considering taking their retirement benefits

    The the long-term financial detriment of these decisions - the so called 'Pension-value destruction'

    How Aspire to Retire works


    About the speakers

    Alan Morahan

    Punter Southall Aspire | Chief Commercial Officer

    Alan is Chief Commercial Officer at Punter Southall Aspire, where he was previously MD of the Employee Benefits division. He has been in the financial services industry since 1987.

    As well as his managerial responsibilities, Alan is a client relationship person at heart, often working from the initial contact stage through to the successful implementation of a scheme and beyond.

    Natasha Baker

    Punter Southall Aspire | Communications Consultant

    Natasha is a Communications Consultant within the Employee Communications Team at Punter Southall Aspire. Her primary focus is managing the delivery and ongoing improvement of the Aspire to Retire proposition, as well as supporting clients and developing and implementing communication strategies. 


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