Interchange Fee Claim Quantification

Acquirer Statements

In most cases we require supplementary information which, in conjunction with the data from your acquirers, assists us in quantifying your claim. Providing your acquirers respond with appropriate data, the last input we usually require from yourselves is a sample of acquirer statements.

Merchants would usually receive statements from their acquirers each month showing the card transactions processed. These would usually arrive by post and/or may be accessible via an online portal.

You may receive one statement per store, or if you have many ‘Outlets’ you will hopefully receive consolidated statements showing all transactions processed that month. These would usually be called ‘Chain Statements’.

To complete the exercise we need from yourselves two statements per year for each acquirer for 2015 to present. These would ideally be non-seasonal and non-consecutive months, such as March & September 2015, March & September 2016, etc.

If you receive Chain Statements that consolidate all of your Outlets please only supply us with those, and not statements for each and every Outlet. If you only have large numbers of Outlet-level statements and none at the Chain level, please let us know and we can discuss alternative solutions.

Please refer to the links below for examples from a number of major UK card acquirers. Please note that what you receive may not resemble these documents. If in doubt whether what you have is correct, please do send us one example to review and we can confirm if it contains the content we need.

Barclaycard Old

Barclaycard New




Global Payments

Allied Irish Bank (AIB)

How do I send these to Punter Southall?

Please email scanned or digital copies to hkmif@puntersouthallgroup.com

If scanned, please ensure these are readable. You may wish to zip these together. If the files are too large to email, we can provide you with a secure upload link.

Please supply these as soon as you can, preferably within the next two weeks. The sooner we have these the sooner we can fully verify, and work with, your acquirer data.

Why do I need to supply these?

There are two main reasons, both of which help us to maximise the value of your claim.

Firstly, we need to verify the data your acquirer supplies is complete and correct. Their systems often delete older Outlets which have since closed, and without cross-checking against the statements your claim could end up being significantly smaller than it should be. They can also mis-extract data, meaning that we are sometimes sent data for completely incorrect companies.

Secondly, the data from acquirers is often not sufficiently detailed to complete the calculations fully. In these cases we can extract information from the statements and calculate ratios and benchmarks with which we can complete the quantifications.

What if I no longer have these stored?

We understand that this sometimes happens. In these cases we ask that you supply what you can to us even if you don’t have the full period available, however we may need to discuss alternative data sources with you, such as your internal POS data, that we can use to complete quantification.

Can I request them from my acquirer?

We do not recommend that you request these statements from your acquirers, as they tend to charge for re-issuing statements if you have already been supplied with them. If you are unsure of if/how you are supplied them then you could contact your acquirer to ask to which address they are posted, or if you have access to them via an online portal.

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