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    We’re more between, among and in the midst than we ever were

    08 June 2022

    Steve Butler

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    2 minute read

    Introducing the second session of our quarterly Inspire webinars

    We live in the inter era.

    Defined as between, in the midst or among, inter is a prefix which probably belongs to any time in history.

    It also has a transformative, even emotional, impact in some of its uses. From Inter Milan and interrailing to international and inter-sex, all conjure up a picture or reaction.

    One use, though, has come to dominate thinking about how we organise commerce and companies in the 21st century.

    Intergenerational is the term given to how people of different ages interact (there’s another example) particularly in the world of work. In my view, it’s been given renewed emphasis by the impact of dramatic changes on how we make a living.

    So it’s appropriate that it’s the theme for the second of our quarterly Inspire webinars, taking place on June 21st.
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    Technology has had a transformative effect on the economy and society, with many now looking at what was previously taken as received wisdom and challenging what it tells us. As HR directors, business leaders and founders, we play a big part in that conversation.

    Retirement is no longer the end of the road of toil but has fragmented into an array of choices, from going part-time to starting a new venture or, as the law provides, to carry on as usual.

    Employees now demand more flexible, task-based ways of working. And we need to be ready to explore what this means for our organisation.

    A case in point: even though an exhaustive ONS survey earlier this year found that the age group which left the workforce over the pandemic in largest numbers were the over-50s, it is also the obverse that many in that bracket take a different view.

    The view that they have much to offer despite well-documented ageism in the workplace. The view that, in challenging times, a seasoned outlook is a valuable resource on which to call. And the view that in a changing world, reimagining what represents a conventional workforce is no longer an unconventional proposition.

    As a retirement and savings business, you’d be forgiven for thinking our focus rests purely with this older cohort.

    Our business, like yours, employs people from different age groups and backgrounds. The same people to whom we offer our services and consulting.

    And we know they sometimes want different things. Arguably, a pension remains the single-most popular and valued employee benefit. But might staff discounts and a cycle-to-work scheme also be attractive to someone just starting out, eager not to commute by car?

    More than this, though, is how we help our people to work together effectively, co-operatively and enjoyably. What do we have to do to create the best possible conditions for this to happen?

    So we wanted to test some of our thinking around what employers are – or should be– already doing to make all of us better at between, among and in the midst of.

    How do we shape our businesses to optimise experience, relationships, training and nurturing colleagues? Not only to focus on commercial objectives but, in doing so, to give us the best possible chance of combining the diverse talents and outlooks which characterise the workforce for many?

    We want you to be part of this important conversation because you’re the people who are making it happen.

    You’ll hear from a panel whose experiences and actions can offer aspects ranging from food-for-thought to putting in place future strategy.

    In due course or, even, the interim, we’ll be detailing our speakers and their contributions.

    In the midst of your busy inbox, look out for more details coming soon.

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    Employees now demand more flexible, task-based ways of working. And we need to be ready to explore what this means for our organisation.


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