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    Uncertain times put more emphasis on workplace wellbeing

    22 November 2022

    Alan Morahan

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    1 minute read

    Taking on the taboo of talking about our feelings

    Given that the world of pensions and other employee benefits is overwhelmingly presented in business-like “products and services” terms (but not by us), it may seem out of place to be talking about workplace wellbeing as a growing part of this market.

    But I’ve come to the realisation that creating an environment where people are able to talk about their mental health and feel supported, not ostracised, is as important as the more tangible, financially-focused employee benefits on offer. And it’s clear that this has become more widely recognised by forward-thinking HR professionals.

    My thinking on this was sharpened during the pandemic. Aware of its effect on some colleagues, I helped start ‘By your side’, our mental health and wellbeing initiative which focuses on a different topic each month.

    Fast forward two years and I’ve contributed to industry sessions about what we’ve learned, developed and shared. Which is why we want to devote the final session in our quarterly Inspire series to mental health and wellbeing.

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    We’ve all been under a shadow since covid and some have coped better than others or, indeed, have adopted different methods of doing so.

    Acknowledging how people might be feeling is, for some organisations, a challenge in itself. We can show you why it may be one of the most valuable ways you can help your colleagues find common ground as you build towards the future.

    Our panel will discuss how you can start a wellbeing initiative from scratch and without the need for a big budget. I’ll be talking from a smaller company perspective and one of our guests will cover the large company view. That company has people in many different working environments, so there were a number of challenges to overcome.

    Please join us as we consider something which is very much on the minds of most as the times in which we live continue to be uncertain.

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    Acknowledging how people might be feeling is, for some organisations, a challenge in itself.

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