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    The rise of robocopy, freeing your company from the perils of prose production

    02 February 2023

    David Taylor

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    2 minute read

    Is automation everywhere in everything automatically inevitable?

    We’re, ahem, privileged to have a colleague who churns out, sorry - elegantly fashions - our blogs, website copy, news releases, marketing content and much more besides.

    Drawing on decades of experience in both journalism and corporate communication in pensions and investments, he’s insistent that he is much, much more than the ink-stained wretch of popular imagination.

    So he was disobliged, to say the least, when word reached him that a workmate had mused on the advantages an automated, responsive writing programme may bring.

    In the same way technology has vanquished many roles formerly undertaken by Tom, Dick or Mary, the latest hype is that it will also call time on scribes/content creators/hacks. Or even esteemed creative wordsmiths, weaving glittering threads of golden prose from the untempered base metals mined from the corporate broking landscape. It says here.

    One particular application is busy banging the drum for what it can do and how it learns as it goes. I tried it out only to get a: we’re busy but read this (humour-free) “comedy” routine, which isn’t worth sharing; although there will be a laugh later, I promise.

    Why am I labouring the point? Notwithstanding the many question marks this latest innovation poses, it’s to emphasise that technology has not only transformed our recent day-to-day lives but will only accelerate the scale of change.

    h&p bannerv3

    Punter Southall Aspire has embraced its advantages and will continue to do so. In one particular area – employee benefits – the policies, procedures and perks of which they are comprised is now available and accessible on a cloud-based platform. Or, more succinctly, on your laptop or phone, wherever you are, whenever you want.

    It simply makes sense to be able to organise this aspect of corporate life online in a way in which both employer and staff can get the best of both worlds. You can monitor, measure and adjust how your people interact, use and judge what’s on offer.

    But what benefits should populate the digital employee benefits platform and in what design are different questions altogether. This is where we can turn the focus back on the experience our consultants have when it comes to shaping the right fit for the employees in your organisation.

    Punter Southall has always believed in the advent of automation but only when it marries with, and is informed by, the very human know-how we can call on across the markets in which we operate.

    In conclusion, employee benefits by a digital employee benefits platform are a no-brainer. Whether or not the same sentiment extends to Robocopy is, we feel, still very much to be determined.

    What I’ll leave you with is a nod to our thinking on the effort we all make to be eye-catching, original and thought-provoking in everything we do. This commentary is from a pre-digital age on what may be mathematically possible but not necessarily, well, readable. But, unlike the AI effort, it is funny.


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    Punter Southall has always believed in the advent of automation but only when it marries with, and is informed by, the very human know-how we can call on across the markets in which we operate.


    David has been involved in financial services all his career, focussing on the corporate sector since 1995, covering the full range of employee benefits including DB, DC, risk, healthcare, platforms, and wellbeing. He has worked for a number of businesses in roles including Managing Director and COO, and has always maintained active client involvement. He has twice won the Corporate Adviser Firm of the Year award, including the inaugural award in 2008. He is a regular contributor to industry media and awards judge. He has a degree in Classics.

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