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    How to make your employee benefits fit for female purpose

    03 October 2023

    Punter Southall Aspire

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    1 minute read

    We may not have all the answers but our latest webinar will help HR professionals ask the right questions to assess how female-friendly their employee benefits can be.

    Join us at our session on Tuesday October 10th where we will take you through the points we feel are helpful to assessing whether or not your organisation offers the right balance.


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    We’ll look at what HR teams can do to consider how women are served by employee benefits.

    Caroline Gaines will host the session. One of our team of consultants advising companies on employee benefits, she brings her own personal and professional perspective.

    Drawing on how Punter Southall Aspire has rescoped its way of working to enable her to combine both advising clients and raising a family, she will question our CEO, Steve Butler, on the key points he had to consider to create a more female-centric employee benefits culture.

    Life assurance for employees has traditionally been paid out to families as a multiple of salary, but this disadvantages the beneficiaries of women who may have taken career breaks or stepped back to care for children. Jo Bennett will take us through the shift to arranging cover as a fixed lump sum rather than a multiple of salary, to make it a more level playing field for everyone.

    Which then brings us on to specifics such as menopause, now commonly referenced in HR policy conversations, but not necessarily covered. Emma Snowden tells us how private medical insurance doesn’t automatically offer the answer.

    And Michelle Last, a partner with Punter Southall Law, looks at one of the most venerable employee benefits – the pension – and questions how well it serves female employees; how much they know about it and what HR teams can bear in mind. Michelle will also look at relatively new issues – fertility treatment – and how they are reflected in the design of employee benefits.

    Join us to take part. As ever, we welcome your company and questions.

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    We’ll look at what HR teams can do to consider how women are served by employee benefits.

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