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    Health and protection designed for the day no-one wants to come

    10 May 2022

    David Taylor

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    2 minute read

    Helping employers to deal with tricky situations 

    Life is rarely neatly organised and compartmentalised.

    When Friday evening comes, how many of us take off for the weekend, confident in the knowledge we’ve delivered everything asked of us? Or is the niggling doubt that we haven’t casting a darkening shadow over Saturday and Sunday justified come Monday?

    Are our finances, health, relationships and outlook as spick and span as the garage we may have tidied or the freshly-mown lawn we may have tended?

    Or did we rearrange junk in boxes and manhandle the mower in order to avoid, consciously or otherwise, dealing with the often harrowing, potentially worrying, perennially mystifying and the ever-changing?

    Forgive the rhetorical flourish but I wanted to make the point that even those areas of our lives over which we exercise a fair degree of control and agency are challenging enough to manage.

    Work responsibilities overlap with domestic duties, melodrama, and mini-crises. And too few of us have perfectly tended box files for our money, wellbeing and loved ones serving as offerings to the gods of randomness, which take great delight in ensnaring these parts of our lives.

    And these are just the day-to-day tests sent to stretch, frazzle or frustrate us.

    But what about the truly life-changing? How much more difficult is that to face?

    Imagine how stressful it is to deal with serious illness, a disabling condition, or sudden death at work.

    Clearly, the magnitude of what’s required differs significantly in scale. It affects every decision that needs to be taken, beginning with how to shape, design and define the nature of the insurance on which you may need to rely.

    Full disclosure: this isn’t a sally into the shroud-waving so commonly employed by the insurance industry but transparent recognition that the range of cover which underpins health and protection is constructed for an event that doesn’t bear thinking about, let alone something you have to deal with, step by step.

    It’s with this reality in mind that we’ve been helping employers with the health and protection consultancy they require not only to safeguard their business but to support their people in their time of need, should it arise.

    Do you know the detail of what your organisation has established in this area? Do your people have a clear idea of what it means for them? And are you confident your arrangements are the best they can be within your budget?

    We know what happens and what comes next when a claim is made on these insurances, which may affect a key colleague and, by extension, the performance or even continuing existence of your organisation. We know because we have helped businesses and families manage this unwelcome scenario many times.

    Our background extends not only to the kind of cover we can shape to the size and character of your workforce and business, but also to the reality that we have been managing these risks - both potential and actual - for decades.

    They’re risks we hope you and your employees never have to face but, inevitably, need to be covered against, via Critical Illness insurance and other policies such as Key Person Protection.

    In other words, the day-to-day tasks of our job, the transition from Friday evening to Monday morning but with everything where it needs to be, from policies to people and process, to protect what’s important.

    Health and protection

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    We’ve been helping employers with the health and protection consultancy they require not only to safeguard their business but to support their people in their time of need.


    David has been involved in financial services all his career, focussing on the corporate sector since 1995, covering the full range of employee benefits including DB, DC, risk, healthcare, platforms, and wellbeing. He has worked for a number of businesses in roles including Managing Director and COO, and has always maintained active client involvement. He has twice won the Corporate Adviser Firm of the Year award, including the inaugural award in 2008. He is a regular contributor to industry media and awards judge. He has a degree in Classics.

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