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    Why employees need more than a day to be truly appreciated

    04 March 2022

    David Taylor

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    2 minute read

    There’s enough gloom in the world at the moment for us to be a bit more charitable towards something that could be construed as a bit cheesy.

    That something is Employee Appreciation Day which, I’m told, falls on the first Friday of every March. Today, in fact.

    Appreciating your employees

    When we have a day for everything from mothers’ (this month) and fathers’ (in June) to International Women’s Day (next week, March 8th, watch this space…) and National Pension Tracing Day (now we’re talking: October 31st), it could be easy to overlook Employee Appreciation Day – but here’s why you shouldn’t.

    Originating in America as far back as 1995, it might seem a gimmick but, if nothing else, affords us the chance to make some broader, positive points.

    Apparently, it’s an opportunity to write a thank you note to an employee, to offer flexibility and to create a culture of encouragement.

    In short, something we, our clients and most other companies do as a matter of course without there being a date circled in the calendar in which to remember to do it.

    So it’s worth making the point that days such as these do serve as a reminder to take a moment to think a bit more on what we do to help employers ensure their people know they are appreciated.

    In health and protection, it takes the form of using our experience and knowledge to take the strain for some of life’s unwelcome but nonetheless possible intrusions.

    Our team already deals professionally on a regular basis with the occurrences for which we design cover on the likelihood they only happen to someone once - which gives us valuable insight into what works well amid trying times.

    In turn, this means we’re able to tailor policies from a vast market to your organisation’s needs. A commitment to nurturing wellbeing among workforces starts with protecting them – and you – from the worst that can happen.

    Such as the protection we put in place for a professional who had to take 18 months off work. Not only did he and his family not have to pay any extra in premium or tax but the insurer also helped to ease him back into the office. His colleagues could see he’d been looked after and, by extension, were impressed that they could count on the same support.

    Or the new mother widowed after her husband died in a car accident. The death-in-service cover we arranged gave her four years of the salary he would have earned. Again, his workmates, while devastated, could take some comfort from knowing she was provided for in the most trying circumstances.

    And we can also call on further examples which point to crises no-one wants to contemplate but which, for us, represent the foundation of health and protection policies shaped to suit your employees.

    Our knowledge, relationships and expertise can help you shield them from some of life’s cruellest episodes day by day, week by week, year by year.

    While Employee Protection Day doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, the very real groundwork in place sends a powerful, simple message, not least in recruitment and retention.

    In other words, authentic appreciation your people will recognise as such.

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    Awareness days such as Employee Awareness Day serve as a reminder of what we do day in, day out to help employers ensure their people know they are appreciated


    David has been involved in financial services all his career, focussing on the corporate sector since 1995, covering the full range of employee benefits including DB, DC, risk, healthcare, platforms, and wellbeing. He has worked for a number of businesses in roles including Managing Director and COO, and has always maintained active client involvement. He has twice won the Corporate Adviser Firm of the Year award, including the inaugural award in 2008. He is a regular contributor to industry media and awards judge. He has a degree in Classics.

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