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    Are your employee benefits female-friendly?

    20 September 2023

    Punter Southall Aspire

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    2 minute read

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    Wouldn’t it be better if employee benefits were called something a little more user-friendly?

    We know it’s accurate technically but, well, a little grey and managerial. Could a more inspiring term spark a more imaginative, knowledgeable connection with the employees they’re designed for?

    One of the reasons we’re posing this rhetorical question is the third of our four quarterly webinars draws closer: Are your benefits fit for female purpose?

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    We think the “purpose” element is really critical. If that purpose is to design your benefits (we can’t think of a better term, yet 😊) to help to recruit the best and to retain your most productive, experienced and valuable employees, do they work for everyone?

    One in four UK employers pays between £101 to £150 per month, per staff member on benefits. Is that money well spent?

    Caroline Gaines is one of our team of consultants advising companies on how to shape what they offer to make it meaningful for people in a way that they appreciate and, by extension, aids organisations seeking to fulfil their commercial objectives.

    So she has both a professional and personal take on this area from a woman’s perspective.

    Flexible working – ranked number one in our lockdown survey and number two last year – is the area she sees as a tangible touchpoint in this ongoing debate.

    Caroline, mother to three school-age children, works five days a week during term-time but compresses those hours and duties into a three-day week during holidays.

    Our chief executive, Steve Butler, gives us his take on going the extra mile to design employee benefits for great employees by recognising the realities of their life and work balance. In so doing, he sets out how we aim to do the same for clients.

    We’ll also hear from our colleagues in health and protection and law.

    Jo Bennett will take us through a solution for one of the most highly-rated benefits – death in service cover – and how it can be shaped so it doesn’t disadvantage female colleagues, who may have taken maternity leave, reduced their hours or changed their work patterns.

    We believe the solution will offer food for thought as to how something that may seem immovable can be shifted.

    Michelle Last, a leading employment lawyer, will share her view on what women make of one of the most established employee benefits – a pension – and how they can be disproportionately penalised by the lack of flexibility therein to reflect the changing way women are working.

    Plus she will offer her thoughts on benefits which, up until fairly recently, were never considered as something an employer should include or research, in particular, fertility treatment and its place in the 21st century organisation striving to include, empower and motivate its female colleagues.

    All of which means we will cover employee benefits with a focus on how they are viewed and accessed by women and what straightforward steps HR teams can take to review what they put in place through this particular prism.

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    One in four UK employers pays between £101 to £150 per month, per staff member on benefits. Is that money well spent?

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