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Our detailed research anticipates the issues that our clients may face in the future. Our briefings and bulletins include:
  • news alerts on emerging developments
  • technical briefing notes on topical issues
  • a quarterly pensions bulletin with a round up of the latest pensions news
  • our “High Earners & Contributors: Survival Guide” - a series of focused briefing notes to help readers understand changes to the taxation of pensions
  • detailed research papers

If you would like a copy of any of our older briefing notes please contact William Fitchew on 020 3327 5000.

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06 Apr 17Actuarial consultingDiscounting disconnect and limited longevity?Pensions bulletin
07 Mar 17Actuarial consultingState Pension Age: Still on the Rise?Pensions bulletin
09 Feb 17InvestmentDo Insurers Add Value to Bulk Annuities?Pensions bulletin
30 Jan 17InvestmentPension Scheme Investment: Tackling the Current MarketPensions bulletin
06 Jan 17Actuarial consultingJanuary 2017 and a Happy New Year to allPensions bulletin
05 Dec 16Actuarial consultingThe Times They Are a-Changin’Pensions bulletin
24 Nov 16InvestmentBulk Annuity Market: has there been a reduction in volume?Pensions bulletin
31 Oct 16InvestmentInvestment Quarterly Update - October 2016Pensions bulletin
04 Oct 16Actuarial consultingCorporate Bulletin October 2016Pensions bulletin
06 Sep 16Actuarial consultingStormy waters ahead for pensions?Pensions bulletin
29 Jul 16InvestmentBrexit Watch July 2016Pensions bulletin
06 Jul 16Actuarial consultingDeficits of UK DB schemes reach all-time highPensions bulletin
01 Jun 16Actuarial consultingIn or Out The big European questions for pension schemesPensions bulletin
28 Apr 16InvestmentInvestment Quarterly Update April 2016Pensions bulletin
06 Apr 16Actuarial consultingEmployers taking charge of pension issuesPensions bulletin
03 Mar 16Actuarial consulting16 March Budget Brace for Impact!Pensions bulletin
15 Feb 16InvestmentInvestment Consulting Quarterly Bulletin February 2016Pensions bulletin
05 Jan 16Actuarial consultingHot topics for companies in January 2016Pensions bulletin
03 Dec 15Actuarial consultingPredicting future mortality rates: are trends turning?Pensions bulletin
13 Nov 15InvestmentInvestment Quarterly update November 2015Pensions bulletin
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