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Our detailed research anticipates the issues that our clients may face in the future. Our briefings and bulletins include:
  • news alerts on emerging developments
  • technical briefing notes on topical issues
  • a quarterly pensions bulletin with a round up of the latest pensions news
  • our “High Earners & Contributors: Survival Guide” - a series of focused briefing notes to help readers understand changes to the taxation of pensions
  • detailed research papers

If you would like a copy of any of our older briefing notes please contact William Fitchew on 020 3327 5000.

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10 Oct 17Actuarial consultingThe transfer Window is now ClosedPensions bulletin
13 Sep 17Actuarial consultingPensions Wire: ​Correlation is not causation, but it sure is a hintPSTS bulletin
06 Sep 17Actuarial consultingGDPR - Top Tips for Trustee BoardsGuide
05 Sep 17Actuarial consultingIs the Pensions Regulator raising the bar?Pensions bulletin
11 Aug 17InvestmentAre pension schemes changing their approach to bulk annuities?Pensions bulletin
02 Aug 17Pensions administrationGDPR – Are you prepared?Briefing note
02 Aug 17Actuarial consultingSupreme Court rules on pensions for same-sex spouses and civil partnersBriefing note
31 Jul 17InvestmentPension Scheme Investments: The Case for Cashflow Driven InvestmentBriefing note
26 Jul 17InvestmentTPR DB Investment GuidanceBriefing note
10 Jul 17Actuarial consultingTo transfer, or not to transfer, that is the questionPensions bulletin
03 Jul 17Actuarial consultingScheme funding: the Regulator’s tenth analysisBriefing note
03 Jul 17Actuarial consultingPension scheme levies 2017/18Briefing note
21 Jun 17Actuarial consultingQueen’s Speech: 27 proposed Bills but no Pensions BillNewsAlert
19 Jun 17InvestmentPost-election Britain: the investment outlookBriefing note
14 Jun 17Actuarial consultingIRM – Are you maximising the chance of achieving your pension scheme’s objectives?Briefing note
07 Jun 17Defined benefits pensionsPensions Wire June 2017Pensions bulletin
05 Jun 17Actuarial consultingWhat do the 2017 election manifestos say about pensions?Pensions bulletin
18 May 17InvestmentInvestment Quarterly Update May 2017Pensions bulletin
18 May 17Actuarial consultingPension Protection Levies: Proposals for 2018/19 to 2020/21Briefing note
16 May 17Actuarial consultingIs the Pensions Regulator getting tough on scheme funding?NewsAlert
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