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Our detailed research anticipates the issues that our clients may face in the future. Our briefings and bulletins include:
  • news alerts on emerging developments
  • technical briefing notes on topical issues
  • a quarterly pensions bulletin with a round up of the latest pensions news
  • our “High Earners & Contributors: Survival Guide” - a series of focused briefing notes to help readers understand changes to the taxation of pensions
  • detailed research papers

If you would like a copy of any of our older briefing notes please contact William Fitchew on 020 3327 5000.

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10 Dec 12Defined benefit consultingReinvigorating Workplace PensionsBriefing note
13 Nov 12Defined benefit consultingPensions Regulator analyses defined benefit funding regimeBriefing note
09 Oct 12Defined benefit consultingCorporate Bulletin: October 2012Pensions bulletin
17 Jul 12Defined benefit consultingCorporate Bulletin: July 2012Pensions bulletin
16 Apr 12Defined benefit consultingSwitch from RPI to CPIBriefing note
07 Feb 12Defined benefit consultingPublic sector outsourcing update February 2012Service update
23 Jan 12Defined benefit consultingPublic sector outsourcing update January 2012Service update
14 Dec 11Defined benefit consultingThe PPF levy: confirmed details from 2012/13Briefing note
23 Nov 11Defined benefit consultingWill the ‘holistic balance sheet’ prove to be Solvency II by the back door?Briefing note
23 Aug 11Defined benefit consultingThe rising risk of being contracted out for DB schemesBriefing note
08 Aug 11Defined benefit consultingPublic sector outsourcing update August 2011Service update
01 Apr 11Defined benefit consultingDe-risking solutions: Update 3Service update
10 Mar 11Defined benefit consultingPublic sector outsourcing update March 2011Service update
01 Feb 11Defined benefit consultingRecovery plans: the fourth analysisBriefing note
01 Dec 10Defined benefit consultingGovernment consults on CPI switchBriefing note
01 Nov 10Defined benefit consultingThe pension protection levy: a new frameworkBriefing note
01 Sep 10Defined benefit consultingPublic sector outsourcing update September 2010Service update
01 Jul 10Defined benefit consultingCPI versus RPI: impact on pensions?Briefing note
01 Jun 10Defined benefit consultingMonitoring the sponsor covenantBriefing note
01 May 10Defined benefit consultingEqualisation twenty years onBriefing note
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