Trustee Training Course: Funding, Covenant and Integrated Risk Management (Half-Day)
    Monday, 03 June 2019
    9:00 AM

    XPS Pensions Group Offices
    11 Strand
    WC2N 5HR




    This half-day course takes trustees through the key steps that they will need to take as part of their triennial scheme funding valuation looking particularly at the assessment of the employer covenant, the setting of key assumptions and the development and monitoring of an integrated risk management plan.

    This course would be ideal for trustees who are just about to embark on a triennial valuation and who would like some training in advance of starting the process. It should be useful for both new and experienced trustees. The course will cover the legal and regulatory requirements of the scheme funding process as well as providing an insight into some of the experiences and challenges that trustees are likely to face. The course will be interactive, with plenty of practical examples and opportunities for discussion and questions.

    The course will cover:
    • An overview of the employer covenant and the scenarios in which it is usually assessed
    • The factors typically considered in a covenant assessment, including the Pensions Regulator’s guidance on assessing covenant
    • The impact of the employer covenant on a scheme’s investment and funding strategy
    • An overview of the scheme funding process and the Pensions  Regulator’s code of practice and guidance on scheme funding
    • Setting the key assumptions, in particular the discount rate and mortality assumptions
    • Considerations when agreeing a recovery plan with the employer
    Integrated Risk Management (IRM):
    • Background to the introduction of IRM by the Pensions Regulator and its potential benefits
    • Practical steps for putting an IRM framework in place
    • Possible approaches for ongoing monitoring of the key risks
    Price: £295+VAT (to include all course materials, lunch and refreshments)



    ​​9.30am to 1pm followed by lunch




    XPS Pensions Group Offices
    11 Strand
    WC2N 5HR