How Smarter Analytics can Improve your Influence on Scheme and Member Outcomes
    Tuesday, 12 September 2017
    9:00 AM

    ​Central London, TBC




    Success for a pension scheme is paying benefits in full, as and when they fall due.  Failure is benefits being forced to be cut back more as a result of sub-optimal decisions. 

    The interactions between the components of covenant, investment and funding  are so complex that pension scheme trustees and sponsors  have struggled to measure the value of their strategic decisions.

    Punter Southall’s smarter analytics  can provide a ‘Chance of Success’ measure to the strategic decisions you take with regard to employer support and investment strategy  and  can clearly show the likelihood of improving the outcomes for your scheme and members.

    Join our team of experts and Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor, Evening Standard at our breakfast briefing, which will include a panel discussion, to help you understand:

    • How our new ‘Chance of Success’ analytics enables you to explore the range of member and scheme outcomes.
    • The effectiveness of the levers that are typically used by pension scheme trustees to manage risk.
    • How your next scheme valuation can take shape in a completely different way
    • How you can overcome some of the communications and governance challenges expected to be laid down by the forthcoming DB White Paper.



    ​08:30 Registration
    09:00 Commences
    10:30 Close with coffee




    ​Central London, TBC