Scheme wind-up

​Our experience of managing a range of wind-ups means we provide support throughout the whole process, helping your pension scheme wind-up run efficiently and smoothly.



Our initial consultancy and advice helps to identify issues, design pragmatic solutions, manage risk for both the sponsoring employer and trustees, and develop an action plan setting out each step in the process. We ensure the process runs smoothly with targeted cost-effective consultancy and advice, which is both pragmatic and user friendly.

Member communications

We work with you to devise a communications strategy that will manage member expectations, and provide them with clear, concise information. Our support ensures you get this crucial aspect right, with scheme member complaints and queries minimised, so that the wind-up progresses efficiently.
Liaison with third parties

We liaise with your other advisers, ensuring only the ‘right’ questions are asked, and maintain contact with regulators. This reduces your exposure and ensures you get best value from your advisers.  Our open channels of communication with regulatory bodies ensure we are aware of developments and opportunities that could progress your wind up more efficiently.
The wider framework

We have worked with the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) on hundreds of scheme wind-ups. This experience enables us to avoid unnecessary delays by focusing on the areas that matter. We combine diligence and pragmatism to minimise risk and to conclude your scheme’s wind up effectively.

We provide support throughout the whole wind up process.


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