​Punter Southall’s highly qualified, experienced team of advisers provide financial planning and investment advice to family lawyers and their clients in matrimonial disputes. We can brief you and your legal team on a variety of financial subjects and offer ‘hand-holding’ assistance as required.


Our comprehensive range of matrimonial services covers:


  • initial case review
  • pension audit
  • pensions sharing
  • credit transfer vs benefit analysis
  • sharable rights advice
  • employee benefits and general protection valuations
  • maintenance vs clean break options, including periodical payments feasibility
  • income needs/expenses analysis
  • replacement of benefits advice
  • asset splitting - valuation, practical and fair value issues
  • Inheritance Act applications
  • expert witness work
  • collaborative work
  • funding for legal fees


  • independent holistic financial planning, including budgeting and income advice
  • investment advice for settlements - asset allocation, portfolio construction
  • re-balancing existing portfolios
  • independent active asset management – nominee service
  • pension advice, including advice on pension sharing orders and re-establishing retirement provision after clean break

Cash flow and income management 

  • sustainable income modelling and creation
  • maintenance management
  • asset splitting administration
  • replacing lost benefits and protection
  • investment advice to trustees
  • retirement and inheritance tax (IHT) planning
  • school fees projections and provisions advice
Actuarial services 
  • Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) fair value calculations
  • independent expert opinion
  • allowance for period of marriage calculations (Scotland)
  • loss of earnings calculations
  • expert witness work

International consulting

For matrimonial work involving foreign nationals or non-UK residents, the issues can become complex. Our specialist international matrimonial team works within our international practice to provide information and advice on areas such as:

  • international pensions
  • cross border financial planning and investment advice
Our fees are based on hourly rates with commission offset options on investment transactions.

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