Executive remuneration



Punter Southall's executive remuneration advisory team can offer:
  • help with pension negotiations on termination or redundancy, including quantification of pensions loss and acting as an expert witness if a case goes to litigation
  • assistance with securing the best pension deal with a new employer
  • a review of current pension arrangements advising on changes to pension scheme design for individuals
  • assisting with communications to individuals regarding the implementation of any changes
  • advising on re-structuring of individual remuneration packages


 Insights and views

    Further reductions to lifetime allowances - Jan 2013
    18 January 2013
    In his autumn statement, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the annual and lifetime allowances would be reduced again. Draft clauses for the Finance Bill 2013 which will implement these changes have now been published. HM Treasury and HMRC have also published draft legislation aimed at fixing some of the problems in the existing annual allowance and fixed protection regimes.

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    High Earners & Contributors: Survival Guide
    10 September 2012
    Update: September 2012
    We are now producing additional survival guides on some of the more technical aspects of the new taxation regime. If you would like to see any of these notes, please contact Sarah Tolson for a copy.

    14: Multiple Normal Pension Ages and the annual allowance
    13: Scheme pays in the year of retirement
    12: How deferred members may be caught by the annual allowance charge
    11: Using pension benefits to pay the annual allowance charge: scheme pays in practice

    10: HMRC provides further detail on fixed protection
    9: HMRC revises its interpretation of the carry-forward rules
    Further notes will cover topics such as on the ‘carve-out’ from the annual allowance for deferred members, the valuation of benefits for the purpose of the annual allowance and the new ‘scheme pays’ provisions.
    In the 2009 Budget, the Government announced fundamental changes to the way that pensions will be taxed from 2011 for high earners and introduced immediate measures designed to prevent individuals increasing their pension savings in anticipation of these changes.

    These changes will affect not just high earning individuals but also companies, trustees and pensions managers. At the Punter Southall Group, we can draw on a range of expertise to enable us to provide advice to all of these parties. We can ensure that:
    • companies have the right remuneration strategy in place for their key staff;
    • individuals make the right decisions on their pension based on their circumstances; and
    • trustees can implement the new information and administration requirements effectively.
    We are now launching our “High Earners & Contributors: Survival Guide”. Through a series of straightforward and focused briefing notes, we will help you to develop an understanding of the changes ahead and keep you up to date with developments as they occur.


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