Investment consulting

We offer either:

  • access to the highest quality, full service, strategic investment management advice; or
  • a cost-effective, streamlined service combining actuarial and investment advice.

The economic downturn, developments in investment consultancy and investment management and the recommendations of the Myners Report have all contributed to making pension scheme investment decision-making more complex and costly than ever before.

We recognise that the investment consulting needs of our clients vary significantly, so we have developed a range of approaches that deliver the appropriate level of engagement and advice across the whole spectrum of trustee requirements.

At one end of the spectrum we offer our clients access to market leading expertise and innovation through our sister company, P-Solve Asset Solutions. P-Solve offers pension schemes a complete investment and risk management solution, with one of the market’s longest track records for adding value.

At the other end, we have a simpler, more streamlined investment governance service. A traditional consulting approach, tailored to the needs of an individual pension scheme, meets the governance standards required of trustees, whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity. This service adds value by:

  • focusing on asset strategy;
  • delivering investment advice alongside the Scheme Actuary’s funding advice; and
  • using simple, but effective, monitoring processes.
The Punter Southall Group also offers a discretionary portfolio management service through PSigma Investment Management. This service would be attractive to smaller pension funds that wish to have a dedicated portfolio manager looking after the scheme's assets.
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