Investment consulting

The economic downturn, developments in investment consultancy and investment management and the recommendations of the Myners Report have all contributed to making pension scheme investment decision-making more complex and costly than ever before.

However, for many schemes, there is significant advantage to be gained by controlling the complexity and costs of implementing investment decisions. The vast majority of added value from investment advice is achieved by asset allocation. Put simply, schemes should focus their decisions on asset strategy and in which asset classes to invest.

We believe that funding and investment decisions must be considered together. This is especially true for maturing pension schemes, where the nature of the liabilities, the speed at which they can change, and the need for disinvestment to meet those liabilities, must all be considered with any investment decision.

We recognise that the investment consulting needs of our clients vary significantly, so we have developed a range of approaches that deliver the appropriate level of engagement and advice across the whole spectrum of trustee requirements, whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity and cost.

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