Strategy and risk

As advisors, it is our role to help you understand your long-term objectives and then set you on the right path to meet those objectives. In doing so, we will help you identify and manage the key risks that stand in your way, and design a strategy that maximises the return potential of the risks that you choose to retain.
We take a holistic view to analysing risk, and the majority of our team hold scheme actuary certificates as well as being investment advisers, giving a well rounded understanding of the future progression of a pension scheme. We use PFaroe, RiskFirst’s aware winning pension liability and risk management software in the core operations of our business. The asset liability model within PFaroe is flexible, enabling us to analyse schemes at a high level, or drill down into the detail as required. We also appreciate that the investment consulting needs of our clients vary significantly, so we have developed a range of approaches that deliver the appropriate level of engagement and advice across the whole spectrum of trustee requirements, whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity and cost.
The three biggest investment risks for most pension schemes will be interest rate risk, inflation rate risk and equity risk. At Punter Southall, we have years of experience advising clients on the best ways to manage these risks, including Liability Driven Investment (“LDI”) (link?) and Structured Equity solutions. Looking forward, it is inevitable that cashflow risk becomes a bigger part of the equation as more and more schemes are forced to sell assets to meet benefit payments. We are well versed at devising cashflow management plans of all levels of sophistication.


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