Manager research

The main drivers for this approach are:  
  • The fees charged are significantly lower due to less time being spent on research in order to take active investment decisions. 
  • Returns tend to be less volatile relative to the investment benchmark as there is little to no active management risk (i.e. the chance the fund will underperform against the market), reducing the risk of experiencing additional volatility in addition to that inherent in the market. 
  • Automatic diversification is achieved if the chosen index is sufficiently well diversified. 
  • The manager selection process is significantly easier and less costly.
Therefore we restrict our manager research efforts to asset classes which we believe add true value to the strategic asset allocation. 
  • Solutions which span asset classes offering dynamic asset allocation and diversification i.e. DGF, MAC, private market alternative funds
  • Hedging strategies – LDI
  • In inefficient markets i.e. emerging market equities
  • Cash flow matching strategies

Clients also have access to a database of investment managers and their funds. This database, provided by CAMRADATA Analytics, is available to all clients.


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