Investment governance

We make this as easy as possible for our clients through our simple, concise governance reports which focus only on the most important aspects of the investment strategy.
We will provide the Trustees with an update on their investments each quarter, including the scheme’s current asset valuation, how they have performed over the quarter (and what this might mean for the funding level of the scheme).  The reports include our market commentary which provides a brief, jargon free summary of economic events over the quarter, together with an update on any changes within the scheme’s investment funds or managers which the trustees should be aware of.

Where information is available, we would provide this ahead of trustee meetings in order for this to be discussed at this time.  We understand that the needs of each of our clients are different and therefore tailor our standard templates to a format that would suit each set of trustees.

Our investment governance report is split into 3 sections:
  • Fund Level Analysis: This section’s aim is to report on the total scheme return in relation to the total portfolio objective.  This portfolio objective is defined by the returns required on the liabilities, as measured by the Scheme Actuary.  In addition we report on the individual matching fund and investment fund objectives.   This section also looks at the way the funding level of the scheme will have evolved over the period.  
  • Manager Fund Level Analysis: This section looks at any changes within the fund managers’ organisations and also reports on the quarterly, annual, 3 and 5 year returns of the funds against their benchmarks. Active funds contain further analysis and insight from our Manager Research Committee.  
  • Market Snapshot: The final section provides charts and clear commentary on the economic backdrop of the quarter, so the scheme and fund performance can be reviewed in the right context.

The report is introduced with a summary which highlights areas of concern and the first two sections contain bespoke commentary and insight.  The report is designed to be a succinct summary of a scheme’s investment performance drawing the reader’s attention to areas that require further attention.



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