Next generation thinking

We are Punter Southall Aspire. And we’re part of the Punter Southall Group, which is proudly independent and entirely employee-owned.

We’re a major new workplace pensions and savings business that brings together governance, investment and communications expertise within a technology-led business.

Through our regional UK offices, we work with over 800 employers, designing and managing solutions that meet their unique needs.

We are part of the Punter Southall Group, which was founded in 1988.

How we help
We bring together different skills and experience, tailoring them to the needs of you, your scheme and your employees.
Our investment research division analyses and rates over 18,000 DC investment funds. The insight we have enables us to support your investment objectives.
We don’t just help you choose your investments, we also continuously monitor them to ensure they’re on track to deliver.
Employee communications
Our online platform educates and inspires employees across a range of financial topics. It helps them understand the importance of saving for their long-term future.
And, using a combination of technology, social media, magazines, brochures and face-to-face training, we can work with you to develop a tailored communication strategy.
Establishing and governing the ideal workplace pensions and savings for your employees can be complex and time consuming.
That’s where we come in.
Our award-winning and innovative services will help you confidently navigate an increasingly regulated environment.
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