Investment - delivering a smoother experience


A good member outcome is essential, but hard to define and will vary for different members.

We recognise that most members remain invested in the default investment option and do not value a wide investment choice, which can be confusing rather than enhancing.

Members' perceptions of investments are driven by performance and volatility and the success of a pension is measured by the level of benefits that it produces.  Since 6 April 2015, members have a number of options as to how and when they access their pension pot, which means that choosing the right investment is even more important.
We offer a compliant and effective process to help you select the right default investment option for your membership.

Initially, we analyse your staff demographics to help us assess what your employees' growth expectations and risk tolerance might be, as these factors significantly influence the default selection.  This gives us a clear basis for the subsequent decisions.

The analysis helps us to anticipate the benefits that different employee groups will choose and to develop suitable investment structures.  Over time, we will gather statistics on the actual behaviour of individuals from age 55, both at a scheme level and across the wider UK population.  This will enable us to design employee-centric benefit solutions.

We assess providers' default options using the rigorous processes within our analytics business.  This approach allows us to select or blend funds that have greater potential to deliver the risk and return experience members want.  We use the selected funds to build lifestyle pathways to the different benefit options, i.e. cash, annuity purchase or flexible drawdown.  We designate one of these as the default investment option, with the alternative pathways available for members to select personally.


We are proud to have won four awards for auto-enrolment expertise.
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