Pension scheme accounting



Punter Southall’s employer consulting team provides commercial advice to help businesses take decisions on assumptions under both UK and international GAAP, and produces disclosures for company accounts. The choice of assumptions is influenced not only by the nature and term of the liabilities, but also by emerging market practice. Our team researches the assumptions used by FTSE 350 companies and uses this data to benchmark your proposed assumptions against the range both for your sector and for the entire index.

We help sponsoring employers understand the impact of pension decisions on company accounts by projecting the company balance sheet and profit and loss pension entries. This demonstrates the future accounting implications of today’s pension decisions and enables greater preparation in the case of extreme financial events.

We can also help with:

  • consolidation of disclosures for all companies in your (multinational) group
  • advice on the implications of changes to accounting and financial reporting standards



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